Blister Bpour

Do your first step to become a Professional Bartender!

Bpour is an ideal tool to quantify the doses in the preparation of drinks by barmen and bartenders, with a universal system of measurement.

Every school and every student needs a tool that allows a precise and fast control of the correct measurement in the preparation of drink recipes.

Bpour is a first step toward the unification of mixed drinks preparation starting from a standard unit of measurement.

The pour pose is that one day it might become a great, universal and comprehensive framework for barmen and bartenders.
Blister Bpour

What makes bpour a good tool to work with

The Bpour allows measurements in Once, cl, Shot, Table spoon, Tea spoon.
Bpour allows you to quantify the amount of liquids (or other products), quickly and accurately.
This device makes the “slide and bound” technique easier.
Bpour is perfect to quantify the correct amount of liquids with both working flair techniques or the usual pouring.
You can adjust the right quantity with bottles, speed bottles or other products that are mostly used in mixology.
It enables the pouring of different bottles at one time. At the same time you can check different quantities in speed techniques.
You can use this tool for food stuff with no problems. Its rim facilitates the pouring.
It is used in international contests as a method of measurement. It can be used at your bar or at home for your cocktails.
The base is wider if compared to other similar devices. You can use it like a multi-measuring system jigger.
This tool is the only one which is internationally recognized by wfa. Wfa also took part to the development of this project. This association is worldwide acknowledged by beverage professionals.

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